Body Soap- Men's #1 - Courtyard Style

Body Soap- Men's #1

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An All-Natural Skin Nutrition Soap for Men

Guys have their own ideas about skincare and personal scent. They care… but they want it to be easy… and they definitely don’t want anything remotely feminine. That’s why we created a Body Bar just for Men. This bar cleans, restores dry skin, and even helps heal damaged skin. All the while, delivering a distinctive, clean and refreshing scent made up of Virginia Cedar, Eucalyptus, and a hint of spicy clove. We call it No.1 to keep it simple. Use our Body Bar for Men No.1 each day in the shower and feeding your skin New Harmony Soap’s special Infusion of botanical extracts and vitamins that heal, protect, soften and moisturize your body.