Phillipstown Courtyard Morning Blend - Limited Edition

Phillipstown Courtyard Morning Blend - Limited Edition

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The Phillipstown Courtyard Morning Blend is an amazing, medium body, bright acidity coffee we guarantee you will love!

It is 100% arabica coffee that is blended from two of the best coffee regions from around the world.

We start with our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and roast it to a medium roast, commonly referred to as a Full City Roast.  Yirgacheffe coffees demonstrate a bright, intense, clean taste of floral notes in the aroma and a vibrant aftertaste with undertones of berries.

Next, we roast our Costa Rica Tarrazu to a Full City, again looking for a medium roast to develop the local character of their coffees.  The Tarrazu region is located in the country’s interior mountains and has a relatively heavy-body, exhibiting complex aromas that are known for their good body, fruity and bright acidity with a clean and crisp taste.

Combined, these two regions bring out the best in each other.  If you love a smooth, bright, medium roasted coffee, you will love our new, Limited Edition Courtyard Morning Blend!