Set of 4 Shower Steamer-Lavender - Courtyard Style

Set of 4 Shower Steamer-Lavender

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These are great for when you're feeling under the weather or just need a pick me up and are so easy to use!

Your placement for the shower steamers is totally up to you, but for you to get the most out of your steamer, you will want it to be slightly out of the direct flow of the water. These can be wet then placed into a mesh shower bag to hang close to you or put on a shelf close to your head. No matter what location you choose for your steamer, you want it to be in contact with some water to continue to activate.

Shower steamers are a net wt of 1.75oz, but the actual size may vary due to these being handmade. They are Large enough to last one shower and possibly two depending on how you use it.

Shower steamers are not to be used by children under 7 and never used in the bath due to the amount of menthol that is used.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda), citric acid, kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, menthol crystals, alcohol,organic lavender essential oil